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Hi, Shannon Simone Sellers here!

From spending without purpose and getting myself in thousands of dollars of unmanageable debt, to OWNING MY CHECK and spending my money and time on what I value the most! Throughout my financial wellness journey, I learned how to accomplish my financial goals, WHILE still enjoying life! Now I teach people how to do the same!

What are people saying?

“Shannon the CEO of own your check had a personal call with me after I asked for a little bit more incite about my personal financial situation. She asked the right questions and never felt intrusive, I actually wanted to share more information with her. During the phone call we set up a plan for me to be successful in less than two months I have seen nothing but success from her recommendations. I would recommend her to anybody. Thank you Own Your Check!”

Anthony B.

“Own Your Check is awesome! They do a great job of helping you understand personal budgeting, aligning spending with goals and beliefs, and providing expert information with a great personal touch. Real coaching with a real person who really cares and will make it personal and enjoyable.”

Ben S.

“Shannon’s bill negotiation strategy saves me over $300 a month and I’m not even done negotiating all my bills yet.”

Daria H.

“Informative, entertaining and great information! Loved listening to Shannon’s tips & tricks for value-based spending. Definitely incorporated some of these into my budgeting routine.”

Lindsey J.

“I paid off 2.5 credit cards and cut subscriptions because of Shannon’s tips. My credit score went up 90 points!”

Devan J.

“She's literally, the best... When I was in between projects she helped me with a budgeting plan to be able to get my finances together... and then she also helped me with a great way to formulate my ideas for some future business ideas that I had.”

Ryale G.

“...The information you share is so vital AND you're a natural making it almost seem fun. Which is still blowing my mind because finances bore me🤣🤣🤣.”

Anjana O.

Is this you?

Feeling guilty about your money habits, not knowing where to start, not achieving your desired results on your own?

The amazing part is.. you don't have to be alone! I can help you excel financially using a relatable and non-intimidating approach that you can understand! You will be learning from someone who has been where you are and was looking for solutions that did not exist. I now have the solutions! Experience what OYC University has to offer so that you can live the life you deserve and desire!